Board of Directors


We also welcome former Presidents, other former officers, members as advisors.

Interested in Serving as an Officer but want to know more? See the ByLaws officer duties in the above link or description of duties from our current board below.

Want to serve but hesitant? We have three positions that are assistant to the primary. That is a great way to learn the role and take part in the Club.


Day in life of

  • President: Mel represents Yomitan Club at HUOA.

            • attends HUOA Board meetings each month as the representative for Yomitan.

            • takes part in other meetings as necessary and also refers to other officers and club members to attend.

            • Schedules Yomitan Club Board Meetings - normally held every other month.

            • Facilitates Yomitan Club Board Meetings

            • Works with Officers on Yomitan Club business

            • What Mel likes about being President: Representing Yomitan Club at parent organization (HUOA) because no one else wanted and we need to keep the club alive.

            • What Mel doesn't like about being President: With the latest requirements, all of the virtual activities. He's hoping someone with knowledge of computer technology will step up to become president.

            • Why Mel volunteers for Yomitan Club: As a sansei, he volunteers for all the Nisei's that did it before him. He's hoping a yonsei will step up and take the reins.

  • Vice President: LeaAnn is the alternate for Mel.

            • attends HUOA Board meetings when president is unavailable.

            • takes part in other meeting as necessary when president is unavailable

            • Schedules and facilitates meeting when president unavailable

            • works with other Officers on Yomitan Club business

            • What LeaAnn likes about being Vice President: She likes being VP as it gives her the opportunity to surround herself with others who are very passionate about our Okinawan culture and history. She feels a sense of pride that she is trying to do something to keep our club alive.

            • What LeaAnn doesn't like about being Vice President: She said there is nothing really she doesn't like about being VP. However, being a second year elementary school teacher, she is so busy with school that she fells she cannot fully commit.

            • Why LeaAnn volunteers for Yomitan Club: She volunteers because she has Uchinanchu Pride and being on the Board is in her blood. Her Grandpa, Hiroshi Okuhara, served as President; and also her mom Carol and her Aunty Linda Takushi also served as past Presidents. So it is with great pride that she follow in their footsteps, learn and serve on the board as well. Unfortunately, now is not a good time for her to become President as there is so much more she needs to learn.

  • Recording Secretary: Laura

            • takes notes, prepares and distributes the minutes at Board Meetings

            • What Laura likes about being Recording Secretary: Knowing what the club is planning. She likes the camaraderie of our Board. Likes helping when needed.

            • What Laura doesn't like about being Recording Secretary: She feels the only down side of being the Recording Secretary is that she has to stay totally focused on what is being discussed during the meeting. Sometimes, there are other discussions going on and she cannot join in.

            • Why Laura volunteers for Yomitan Club: She likes to help and be involved.

  • Correspondence Secretary: Warren

            • Handles newsletter for Yomitan Club; write President's message, pass along event notices from HUOA

            • write recaps fo recent club events and occasionally write about members and their families.

            • What Warren likes about being Correspondence Secretary: He learned to use the personal computer, writing advertising flyers and company newsletters. He enjoys applying his computer skills to publicize our club's role in the Okinawan community and to encourage our member families to participate, use their talents, lead and organize club events.

            • What Warren doesn't like about being Correspondence Secretary: Having to repeatedly post reminder notices about members' work rotation duties and paying dues.

            • Why Warren volunteers for Yomitan Club: He joined Yomitan Club to accompany his wife Elva, whose extended family were very active members. He grew to learn how the Okinawan community (HUOA & 50+ member clubs) pull together to get wide-reaching and significant local projects accomplished. He also grew to appreciate the level of commitment and community pride, beyond our families and friends. It harkens back to his high school days serving in the Key Club (Kiwanis). He also added that we don't compile personal family tidbits and kupuna stories much anymore. He'd like to see our school-aged Yomitan members spearhead our news gathering and writing on a regular basis and eventually take over.

  • Treasurer: Roxanne

            • Handles Financial matters related to Yomitan Club

            • Provides monthly reports and reconciles to bank statements.

            • Handles collection of funds at Yomitan events.

            • What Roxanne likes about being Treasurer: Being able to be a part of Yomitan Club to help keep the club alive and active. Making sure we are financial solvent and in a good position as we head toward our 100 year anniversary.

            • What Roxanne doesn't like about being Treasurer: Treasurer functions does require this to be her primary focus. Therefore, she is unable to take part in much of the other Club duties and requirements due to time constraints.

            • Why Roxanne volunteers for Yomitan Club: She has fond memories of small kid time attending the Shinnen Enkai and playing the games at the picnics. She didn't realize how much time and energy behind the scenes was put into holding these events. She wanted to give back to Yomitan Club and the generations before her. She hopes that the younger generation will see the importance of passing on the traditions like she did and want to continue on supporting our organization in a leadership position.

  • Assistant Treasurer: Mike

            • Assists Treasurer.

            • Assist in handling Financial matters related to Yomitan Club

            • Manages the membership roster

            • What Mike likes about being Assistant Treasurer: Being able to assist the Treasurer with managing the finances fo rthe members. The duties of collecting dues and donations from our generous members shows me loyalty our members have for this club. It's inspiring.

            • What Mike doesn't like about being Assistant Treasurer.: Is constantly updating contact information for such a large membership. We need to manage utilizing more technology and assistance.

            • Why Mike volunteers for Yomitan Club: Mike volunteers and assists the other officers in providing this club and its members the administration it requires to perpetuate the Yomitan spirit.

CURRENT VACANCIES: Assistant Recording Secretary and Assistant Correspondence Secretary

Gwen Fujie


LeeAnn Kakimoto

Vice President

Laura Ajimine

Recording Secretary


Assistant Recording Secretary

Warren Furuya

Corresponding Secretary


Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Roxanne Yoshida



Assistant Treasurer