Board of Directors

Yomitan Club of Hawaii consists of approximately 350 families (about 750 members). As members of the Board of Directors, we strive to foster an active and engaged member base, and fulfill the duities to continue to build and sustain our organization. 

Lea Ann Kakimoto


Mel Horimoto

Vice President

Laura Ajimine

Recording Secretary

Warren Furuya

Corresponding Secretary

Roxanne Yoshida


Lauren Furuya

Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Vacant Board Positions (3)

Assistant Recording Secretary

Assistant Treasurer

Ways to Get Involved

Board Member

Interested in Serving as an Officer, but want to know more?   See the By-Laws Officer Duties.  

Assistant Board Member

Interested, but not sure how to start? We have 3 assistant board positions which allow you to learn the role and support the primary officer.


We welcome all former Presidents and officers to support as an Advisor.