Uchinanchu of the Year 2017

Helen Nakasone with Governor David Ige

Helen Nakasone

Yomitan Club is honored to present Helen Nakasone as its 2017 Uchinanchu of the Year.

‘Proud to be Yomitan’ is how Helen (Chibana) Nakasone has lived her 80+ years. Helen was born in Hilo and at the age of ten, her family moved to Honolulu and became very active in Yomitan Club.

Helen and her five siblings were taught by their parents to support the Club. When growing up, Helen recalls the many Yomitan Club functions held at their Waialae home.

Though she met her husband, Philip, through Hui Makaala Club, they raised a daughter, Phyllis Muraoka, who actively served our Yomitan Club. Her grandchildren, Mark and Mari now carry on that family legacy.

Helen still generously volunteers at every Okinawan Festival and, without hesitation, is always willing to help at all club events. Through this generosity and strong pride, Helen contributes immeasurably to the strength of our club.

Yomitan Club is grateful to Helen for her many years of contribution in perpetuating the Okinawan culture and Yomitan spirit.