June 2023

Thank you for coming to the 94th Annual Shinnenkai

Yomitan Club’s 94th Annual Shinnenkai face many last - minute planning obstacles. COVID restrictions kept us apart and we had to book a smaller “in-person” luncheon! Still, we managed to re-connect with our loved ones as well as honor our Issei and Nisei members who came before us! 


We want to thank all of the workers and their families that pitched in to make this a memorable event! We still had lively lucky number drawings and generous donations were made to our club coffers! A Yomitan Shinnenkai wouldn’t be the same without our legendary potluck pupus and our members’ participation in our entertainment program!

Pay Your Dues by Year's End

This is another reminder to pay your dues for 2024, by the end of 2023! Prompt payment entitles you to the $20/head discount at the next Shinnenkai! 

Dues are still the same: $15/ year for single adults (25-64); $30/year for families with children at home; seniors 65+ are free & automatically get a discount. Payments should be sent directly to our treasurer, Roxanne Yoshida; 621 Kaumaka Pl., Honolulu, HI 96825. Text or call 808-782-5050.

We're Recruiting an Assistant Treasurer

Because of Yomitan Club’s large and diverse membership, our club treasurer really needs an assistant to help process member payments and to update our club roster and member records!

Next meeting: Thu, July 6, 6:30 PM. Join virtually at https://meet.google.com/ooz-rbez-pry