Uchinanchu of the Year 2016

Harold Higa

This year we are proud to submit Harold Higa for this honor.

He is the son of the late James and Annie Higa, with ancestral ties to the Aza, Namihira (Hanza). Harold has served as our club's 2nd Vice President and is currently the club's Treasurer.

He is a low-key, helpful man who has been very supportive of our ventures. This year, he was in charge of the food booth for the HUOA Winter Craft Fair; volunteered at the Okinawan Festival Country Store for 3 days and assisted in all of our club events.

Documenting our club happenings via video or still photos is one of the things he enjoys doing when he is not participating in the actual endeavor. The members of Yomitan Club extend their gratitude to Harold for his many years off support and continuing service.

Congratulations, Harold! Ippei Nihei Deebiru!