Our Purpose

Yomitan Club aims to perpetuate the Okinawan and Yomitan spirit for those with Hawaii ties that began with our ancestors migration here to provide for a better future.

Our vision is to perpetuate and educate younger generations on Okinawan and Yomitan customs, arts and social aspects.

Our values include but not limited to remembering our ancestors and our older generations. Instilling the customs they shared and perpetuating for future generations. To be proud of our heritage. To gather our friends and families with Yomitan ties (direct or indirect) to enjoy fellowship, volunteerism, celebrations, and traditions.

Yomitan Club Board

2020/2021 Board: (L-R) Mel Horimoto; Roxanne Yoshida; Mike Tao; Warren Furuya; Laura Ajimine and Lea Ann Kakimoto

Yomitan Club is looking for new officers for the upcoming term for 2022/2023. Please consider making a difference and volunteer.

We have about 350 families with a total estimated membership of 750. We hope to secure 8 new volunteer officers to build and sustain our organization. The current and previous club officers will advise the new board members.

With more board members, it will be easier to manage our club requirements as there will be enough members to share the duties and tasks.

Want to know more? See Board of Directors tab or click here to see more info.


Volunteers for our new media team to handle website and social media. Interested in joining this new team?