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Yomitan Club


Yomitan Culture




 Connecting (yo) and rjb (mi) represents the villagers' cooperation;

The shape of the wing expresses expansion; the outer circle

Symbolizes the villagers' harmony and solidarity; the surrounding

empty space symbolizes the affluent and expansive village spirit. 


Village Tree: Inumaki              

 In Okinawa it is known as 'Cha-gi" which expresses the

development of strength, peace and eternity This evergreen

tree grows to heights of about 65 feet. Its leaves are of bark

quality and grow densely around the branches. The

significance of this tree is its strength and beauty It has also

been an important tree in Okinawa's reforestation.


                Village Flower: Bougainvillea

Symbolizes passion, cheerfulness and prosperity.


Village Motto:

Son Min No Jiritu, Chiikino Dauketu, Shizen To No Chyo-Wa

Independence of the people in Yomitan.



Lyrics by Chosho Tokayama 

Lyrics by Chosho Tokayama

Composer: Seitoku Taba 

Lyrics by Chosho Tokayama


Lyrics by Chosho Tokayama
Composer: Seitoku Taba



Lyrics by Chosho Tokayama
Composer: Seitoku Taba


1. The dawn is breaking, on the ridge of the tower.

The village of Zanpa, on the banks of River Hija

From the shadows of trees, where Zakimi Castle stood,

The peaceful village is aglow in the eastern sky.

Birthplace of "niman" (20,000) villagers,

A tranquil village.


2. The history is ancient, located in the north

From olden days inherited, the brilliant folk culture

Shines radiantly and proudly

The blossom of the Hanaui weaving

The "inku" shamisen music can be heard.


3. The new era has come, with fervent peace in our hearts.

Aim to improve peace and harmony.

To build a village united with man and nature

Brothers and sisters, let us stand hand in hand

Let us move forward with the banner of independence.